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Trackside inspection - Acoustic Emission

Technique: Acoustic Emission (AE)

Development of a Trackside continuous monitoring system prototype for inspection of passing rail stock

Result: A working prototype acoustic emission (AE) trackside inspection system fully integrated with EMEF's existing infrastructure including telemetry and information systems.

The trackside AE inspection system combines a number of sensors to detect and collect AE data of passing rolling stock. For each passing train a rich energy content signal of wheel-rail interaction is captured by high the frequency AE sensors, filtered by a high pass band filter, and then amplified. This is implemented on base hardware produced by Envac. Several calculations are made in the data acquisition process that includes normalisation, envelope analysis and rpm convolution. AE data post-processing is carried out by the system, and alerting of possible defects is made by software referencing critical Key Performance Indexes (KPIs), a sentencing process unique to SAFERAIL and developed by Feldman. The prototype system is currently installed at end user site EMEF in Portugal. The system has been integrated with the existing telemetry infrastructure including the knowledge database operated by EMEF.

Trackside inspection

Developed Features:

  • Continuous Monitoring for wheel “flats” and cracks
  • Data conveyed to online database
  • Automatic detection of wheel set faults using novel detection algorithms
Trackside inspection
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