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Manual Inspection - Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Technique: Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Development of a manual inspection system for wheel sets

Result: A working prototype phased array ultrasonic test (PAUT) manual inspection system.

The manual inspection PAUT system design comprises a number of inspection techniques and probe designs specific to the inspection area of the wheelset. Of-the-shelf PAUT data acquisition modules were used, and the value added by the SAFERAIL project was in the development of the inspection techniques and unique deployment of the PAUT probes. Probe holders including encoders have been developed and offer reliable inspection solutions for both axles and wheels. TWI and ISQ will combine forces to develop the PAUT inspection techniques further. The inspection techniques and probes still require further testing to evaluate the design in ruggedness, durability and practicability. Inspection procedures have been developed, and TWI is in a position to conduct further trials in the future.

Manual inspection

Developed Features:

  • Reduced workshop axle disassembly by inspection of axles from their end shaft and face area
  • Detection of surface and sub-surface cracking
Manual inspection
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