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Manual Inspection - Alternating Current Field Measurement

Development of inspection prototype for manual inspection of wheel sets (both wheels and axles) using Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) technique.

Result: A working prototype alternating current field measurement ACFM manual inspection system.

The manual Inspection ACFM probes comprise two newly developed probes for the inspection of axles and wheels respectively. The wheelprobe has been designed to inspect the surface of the wheel that comes into contact with the rail. As the wheel is worn down, the profile of the wheel changes. To accommodate for this change in profile, the individual sensor coils are mounted in spring loaded pistons, that can move up and down independently. The wheelprobe consists of twenty channels with three sensor coils each (one for each orthogonal direction). It also contains orthogonal field generation coils, allowing it to detect and accurately size surface breaking defects in any orientation. This sophisticated design is the most complex probe TSC have designed, and represents a step-change in their technology. Previous probes of this complexity have been created, but have not had either the twin excitation field or the design for the complex shaped profile - they have been created for flat steel plates.

Manual inspection

Developed Features:

  • Detection of Small surface breaking cracks
  • The sensors can work through dirt, grease and paint
  • Spring loaded ACFM elements mounted on pistons to accommodate different geometry
Manual inspection
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