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VTG Rail UK Ltd (UK) - (VTG)


VTG Rail UK Ltd is the UK's largest private wagon hire company. The company is a member of the VTG Aktiengesellschaft Group which operates freight wagons across Europe. VTG Aktiengesellschaft Group itself is one of the largest private sector hirers of wagons in Europe, with a fleet of approx. 47,000 rail tank and rail freight cars. Apart from wagon hire it offers, via subsidiaries and holdings, (Transpetrol, TRANSWAGGON, rail4chem) forwarding as well as traction services. Via the subsidiary VOTG, the group is one of the world's leading tank container operators with approx. 4,700 tank containers. VTG sets itself the highest quality standards. Operating in line with quality assurance procedures overseen at group level, the company monitors all aspects of performance relating to wagons and services in order to provide customers with the highest levels of safety and reliability. Working to certified quality management systems compliant with ISO 9001:2000, and in close co-operation with all areas of the industry, VTG is continually refining its business standards in order to fulfil its corporate vision of excellence in the service it provides to its customers. Recently, it was re-assessed by AJA Registrars and confirmed as having quality management systems compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Role in the project

VTG's main contribution to the SAFERAIL project's technical tasks will be to make available wheel sets to be used as samples during the development and testing of the on-line and UT-ACFM systems. In addition to providing these samples, VTG will make available it's extensive expertise and knowledge relating to nature and detection of defects in wheel sets to support the experimental development. Furthermore, VTG will also participate in drafting the UT-ACFM system specification document and have an active role in the integration, validation and testing phases. A key contribution from VTG will be in the drafting of training procedures for the UT-ACFM system. It will also disseminate the project's results to the other company members of the VTG Aktiengesellschaft Group and assist in the commercialisation of the UT-ACFM system.

Reason for participating

VTG endeavours to maintain maximum safety standards for its wagon fleet. The company has encountered several problems with wheel set corrosion and cracking in the past. As a consequence, it has been forced to remove several wheel sets from service at a much earlier stage than predicted by the maintenance schedule, resulting in increased operation costs. For that reason, VTG is very keen on applying novel NDT methodologies that will allow detection of defects in the wheel sets at the earliest opportunity possible in order to address the problem. The company hopes to achieve this through its participation in the SAFERAIL consortium and plans to disseminate the project's results to the rest of the VTG Group across Europe.


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