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University of Birmingham (UK)


The University of Birmingham (UoB) is widely acknowledged as one of Europe's top research institutes. For more than a century, research at UoB has contributed to the advance of knowledge and its application, and has achieved an international reputation for the highest quality of scholarship and research, academic excellence, and for the quality of its alumni. UoB will participate in SAFERAIL through the Rail Research Group, which is part of the Rail Research UK (RRUK) Centre in the School of Engineering. The aim of Railway Research at Birmingham is to provide a world class educational and research centre to support the railway sector in the fields of electronic, electrical, mechanical, civil and systems engineering, non-destructive testing, train design, rail metallurgy, vibration analysis and aerodynamics. The Rail Research Group is internationally renowned for its quality of research and dissemination of knowledge. The RRUK has established strong links with the rail industry across the world. Research at the RRUK is funded by the UK government, the EU and industry (Alstom, Network Rail, Bombardier, SNCF, etc.)

Role in project

UoB will be heavily involved in the development of the on-line and UT-ACFM systems by leading Workpackages B and C. It will also be heavily involved in the integration, validation and testing of both systems. UoB will also facilitate the dissemination of the knowledge acquired throughout the project through its excellent links with the rail industry and the relevant teaching courses offered by the University.

Reason for participating

UoB is dedicated to advancing knowledge through research at the top level. As such, the University's RRUK Centre has a natural interest in the research conducted in SAFERAIL. The RRUK wishes to expand its existing knowledge and further improve the safety in train travel around the world through the successful implementation of the knowledge acquired throughout this project.


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