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TWI Ltd (UK)


TWI is one of Europe's largest independent research and technology organisations. Based at Abington near Cambridge since 1946, TWI provides industry with technical support in materials, joining, assembly, NDT and associated technologies. It has over 50 years experience in rail engineering and research. In the last 30 years the company has been heavily involved in rail metallurgy, rolling stock research and novel non-destructive testing methodologies for application in the rail industry. TWI has over 550 skilled staff and a turnover of €57 million. TWI has participated in approximately 70 European projects, leading 25, including several Framework V, VI, CSG and CRAFT projects. It has more than 60 qualified NDT engineers with academic, research and industrial qualifications. TWI's NDT Department has participated in 24 (leading 20) Framework V and VI projects. TWI has the following research equipment and facilities, making it the ideal research institute to execute this research project:

  • 6 laboratories dedicated to sensor and non-destructive evaluation research.
  • Latest sensors and non-destructive evaluation equipment and systems including phased array, eddy current and electromagnetic systems and real time X-ray equipment amongst others. The total investment in sensor research equipment and facilities is greater than €50 million.
  • Dedicated laboratories for mechanical testing, metallography and microscopy.
  • Proven technical excellence in the development of sensing techniques. Several of TWI's past inventions are being used regularly in the non-destructive testing and sensor development industry.
  • TWI's business strategy is based on industrial collaborative projects involving either its industrial company membership or European projects.

Within TWI, support will be provided from the central unit (GEP and Contracts Department and the collaborative team), which deal with the financial, organisational and administrative aspects of all multi-partner projects. From elsewhere within the partnership, significant roles for several partners will be identified in dealing with various aspects of project management, for example workpackage management and exploitation management.

TWI's involvement in the various collaborative (CRAFT and collaborative) projects, and the close contact with the rail and other industries, have made TWI the first choice as a project coordinator for the partners in this project.

Participation in technical tasks

WP-H Manager:

In addition to the high degree of involvement in the research tasks, TWI will assume the contractual role of Project Coordinator in the management workpackage (WP-H) through Dr Ian Nicholson. The partners believe that the past experience of TWI will aid the smooth running of the project and greatly reduce the heavy administrative burden. Technically, TWI will take the lead RTD role in WPs A, E and F, as well as being active in the remaining WPs, by providing high-end guidance and assistance on sensors and software matters and the validation of techniques in the working environment. The above workpackages will be carried out by TWI's NDT Department, which is a world leading centre of excellence in sensor development and applications of non-destructive evaluation.


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