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Feldman Enterprises LTD (Cyprus)


Feldman is an SME and its core business is to provide NDT solutions to industry all over Europe. Most of the company's customers are from the petrochemical industry, but it recently has expanded to other industrial sectors including transportation. NDT services provided by Feldman include radiography, eddy currents, magnetic and dye penetrant, ultrasonics, magnetic flux leakage, ACFM, LRUT, EMAT UT, pulsed eddy currents, IRIS, TOFD, phased array UT and rope access NDT. Metallographic testing is also provided, either destructively using electron microscopy, or non-destructively using replica testing. Level III services are provided by personnel familiar with international standards. The company has been involved in the evaluation of mechanical equipment of refineries on behalf of its customers. Feldman has an interest in predictive maintenance of rotating and reciprocating machinery. This includes field testing, algorithm and system development using vibration and acoustic emission inputs. Machinery tested includes pumps, gearboxes, turbines, rotating and reciprocating compressors and engines. Apart from services, Predictive Maintenance Systems are also developed using novel algorithms according to each customer's specific needs.

Role in the project

Feldman will actively participate in every Workpackage of the project. Its main involvement however, will be in the development of the acoustic emission module, the on-line system's intelligent control unit and software (Tasks B2 and B5) and the optical identification and speed measurement system (Task B4). The company will also be involved in the development of the phased arrays technique (Task C1) and software for the UT-ACFM system (Task C4). It will also participate in the integration, validation, demonstration and drafting of training procedures for the on-line and UT-ACFM systems. Feldman will also assist in the dissemination of the project's main results.

Reason for participating

The benefits for Feldman through participation in the SAFERAIL consortium are as follows:
  • Since Feldman is mostly oriented in the petrochemical sector, involvement in the project will provide the means to develop expertise in the area of rail transportation.
  • SAFERAIL will enable the company to share knowledge and expertise with other consortium members.
  • Condition monitoring systems is a core business of Feldman and it wishes to expand its existing capabilities through participation in this project.
  • To potentially increase the company's existing market share.

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