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EMEF (Portugal)


EMEF SA, is the result of the spin-off that took place on 30 January 1993, in Portuguese Railway. It was initially created from the large workshops of Porto, Entroncamento, Barreiro and Figueira da Foz and was dedicated to activities concerning large railway rolling stock repair and rehabilitation.

EMEF is active in the following areas of railway engineering / rolling stock:

  • Qualified heavy maintenance - large repairs, modernisation/rehabilitation of railway rolling stock and reconditioning of related components/equipment
  • Preventative systematic maintenance, conditioning and curative maintenance of railway rolling stock (qualified light maintenance)
  • Re-railing operations of rolling stock.

EMEF is a certified company to EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, for the following field activities: large scale repair, maintenance, rehabilitation, modernisation, manufacture, modification and re-railing service of railway rolling stock and reconditioning of relating equipment (certificate IQNET PT-2000/CEP.1098).

Role in the project

EMEF will participate in this project as an end-user to the systems developed in SAFERAIL. They will assist ISQ in the development and testing of the thermography module (Task B3) and the ultrasonic phased arrays (Task C1). Additionally, it will contribute in the development, integration and testing of the SAFERAIL systems. EMEF will assist in the dissemination and exploitation of the project's achievements and the results and the drafting of the training procedures.

Reason for participating

EMEF aims to contribute to the safety of everyday passengers. Projects like SAFERAIL are a boost in the railroad safety technology and most welcome in the sector. Therefore, the results of the project fit very well with the company's objectives.


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