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Alfa Products & Technologies (Belgium)


Alfa Products & Technologies (or APT) is a Belgian based SME company. It designs and sells innovative rail technology worldwide. These products include measurement devices for the inspection of rail quality. APT has a highly skilled technical staff, with engineers holding doctorates in mechanical engineering, and having over 30 years of experience in track and rolling stock dynamics. APT has several European and American patents with respect to railway noise and vibration mitigation. Apart from this, the combined knowledge of railway applications and vibration analysis was used to develop wheel set inspection techniques which are based on advanced vibration analysis and processing. APT is currently involved in several research projects such as Urban Track, Qcity and Squeal. APT has several years of experience in the research and development of railway applications for noise and vibration mitigation, measurement devices and inspection systems.

Role in the project

APT will lead the development of the high frequency vibration analysis module (Task B1), which will be part of an on-line inspection system, that will be placed at pre-chosen strategic points on the rail network tracks, for inspection of faults in wheels and axles of passing trains. APT will also contribute to the development of the intelligent control unit and associated software for the on-line system (Task B5). The company will also participate in the integration, validation, demonstration and drafting of training procedures of the on-line system. Finally, it will contribute to the dissemination of the project's main results and the commercialisation of the on-line system.

Reason for participating

Participation in the SAFERAIL project will introduce APT to companies involved in the NDT field and NDT industry in general. As a relatively new player in this field (but not in the railway industry), APT will be able to further develop its scope in the railway inspection industry. The benefit for the consortium is that an SME, which is already active in the railway industry, will join and be able to share its past experiences with other partners previously not active in the railway transportation industry. Expertise about rolling stock, track etc. will be used to assist other partners.


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