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Acoustic Emission prototype successfully installed at EMEF's Cas-Cais surburban line

22 December , 2010 In the middle of November, partners EMEF, Feldman, Envirocoustics, UoB, and ISQ gathered together at EMEF's Cas-Cais suburban line (Lisbon - Portugal) and installed the Acoustic Emission prototype module with vibration measurement capability. Currently acoustic emission data is being collected. Vibration analysis with the existing system will be possible by adding accelerometers in conjunction with the AE sensors.

Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij De Lijn (Belgium) University of Birmingham (UK) Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Portugal) TWI Ltd (UK) SNCF (France) Feldman Enterprises LTD (Cyprus) TSC (UK) Envirocoustics S. A. (Greece) EMEF (Portugal) Alfa Products & Technologies (Belgium)Alfa Products & Technologies (Belgium) VTG Rail UK Ltd (UK)